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Referrals/Privacy Policy

Creative Websites - Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will we disclose any prior or existing client addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for any reason.  This privacy policy is designed to protect the integrity of our client confidential material.  The only two reasons we would supply existing customer information is: if a customer happens upon a website designed by Creative Websites (CW), or CW obtains permission to use one or more of our customer's websites on this website for referral purposes.  We will never give out references or referral information for any reason due to federal and state privacy laws unless we have approval from our clients to do so.  Thanks for your understanding!


Below you will find some examples of websites we have built recently.  Because of the Privacy Act please do not call our customers; they are very busy running their businesses.  However, you can check out their websites below by clicking on the website.  Thanks so much for maintaining our customers' privacy.

We can also do an ad campaign through Google and Yahoo to get your website close to the top of generic searches very quickly.  By doing the campaign we will enhance how quickly you come up on both search engines.  This will allow your potential customers greater access to your website initially.  Please ask our sales representative about this product.

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